Wiseman Clothing – Review

When I was a little bit younger, replace little bit with a lot, I desperately wanted to be a part of the world of fashion. I was really into art and creating art, loved galleries with a passion and would spend hours in the library researching artists and their lives.

Fast forward 20-years and here I am in the position of designing and making clothes. Albeit I am not launching a fashion label but rather I am making up new uniforms for the staff members and team here at the Kings Head.

Looking online I was instantly attracted to Wiseman Clothing, a clothing manufacturer based in London. The processes were explained clearly and for what I wanted (50 shirts) they were perfect. A quick call to Niall and Jamie and I was assured that they would be the company to help me with the uniforms.

About the uniforms

Anyone that has been to the pub knows that we have a lovely existing uniform, but I felt it was time for a change and an all important update. The uniform had been the same for the last 10-years, before my time obviously, but still I don’t even have socks that are 10-years old.

The uniform I was after was an understated look, small collars, stylish logo and an option of affixing the sleeves up so that the shirt could become a short-sleeved shirt if you so wanted – I also chose a beige/off white for the colour.

The process

After the initial consultation I was eager for everything to get going, but little did I know that they needed to make a pattern first, then from that pattern they would make a sample. This sample would be used to check the fit and ensure that I was happy with the style, look and fit before they went to production and made 50 of them. They explained this as the last thing I would want is to receive 50 shirts of a design and fit that I wasn’t happy with. Makes sense really.

The only bad side of this is the added cost. A pattern ranges from £70-120 and the sample the same cost. Although now having gone through it I do understand why this process is employed and why it is only ever useful to the final production run.

The sample was made and I wasn’t happy with it…so no problem they said and a week later they sent me a new sample with the changes I requested. This time it was perfect. So it then all clicked what they had said and to say I was thankful I did not have 50 shirts I did not like.

The production of my shirts

The production lasted a week in total and as I wasn’t there can’t really say much on this area of the work. Once the sample was ok’d by me, they put the order in for the fabric and once they had that they started.

Everything arrived a week later!


having never dealt with a clothing manufacturing company before I really had no idea of the process or even how it works. I now have a tech pack for the shirts here and a pattern – so I can produce more shirts at anytime. In fact we already have done another version of the shirt and a hat.

This time we went with a black and the staff seem to really like wearing the new uniforms.

The cost was reasonable and I’d definitely recommend their services, that is partly why I am writing this blog post! But it really was straight-forward to the point that I went to a meeting and they handled everything. Which is exactly what I wanted.

Who knows I may even be designing my new label soon!

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