About Chris Coubrough

“Coming from a large, isolated farming background in the North Island of New Zealand my passion, understanding and knowledge of food grew out of being part of a family where the natural way of life meant that we grew, nurtured and butchered everything we put on the table. Even as a toddler I would help my mother and grandmother cook for the family. Today, I still have the same enthusiasm to create wholesome food using only the best local ingredients, whilst combining them with inspirations I have picked up during my travels around the world.

This lifelong appreciation has meant I have always wanted to create places to stay and eat that I would like and people would want to go to again and again. I am constantly thinking about the food we serve, the look of the bars and restaurants – every little detail; adding bits all the time from my travels and experiences. With the support of my colleagues, wife, family and friends, I have come so far in achieving my dreams but there is still a long way to go.

Being a Master Chef has also given me the opportunity to produce a couple of successful television series. I recently visited Greenland and had the chance to cook some amazing dishes using fantastic, traditional Greenlandic ingredients for a forthcoming series.

Have a look at the trailer for the new series “A Taste of Greenland” by clicking this link. Also, there are some stunning photos from my trip on the photo gallery page.”